Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just came back from the Writer's Ink 12-hr Competition in school. It was from 8.30pm last night to 8.30am this morning, and I hardly caught a wink. Spent the entire night up writing two prose: 'The Best Disguises' and 'Angels Calling'. We were supposed to incorporate the clues they provided into our writing, which made it really tough, because the clues were like, so depressing (there were two movie clips that were like war films, where laundry of the dead soldiers in WW2 were uncollected and the soldier that survived had to collect it for them, and where this weird crazy artist was imagining himself in 'strawberry fields' which were actually representative of bombs and bloodshed during wartime. And then, there was the first clue, which we had to fish out of a bag and I got a toy car - ?! - and the last clue was the easiest - thank gdns - being a song by Day the The Fair about heartbreak: Thanks for the Christmases you made and murdered for me).

It was the first time I have EVER stayed up the entire night - through to the next morning - without sleeping! And I spent the whole night up WRITING. Yeahman. That's the part that rocked. The world looks so different when it's alseep. I especially love the 5am to 6am period, when the day is slowly waking and the smell of possibilities linger in the air like damp morning vapour, but the world isn't quite awake yet and everything's still quiet. Yeah, I guess I'm more of a morning person. I just love the freshness of a new day and the infinite opportunities and promises it brings.

Anyway, many thanks to Writer's Ink for organising this camp, though to improve it even more, maybe next time you could add a sharing session (on publishing and writing) in the itinerary? Special thanks to Kellyn, Gayathiri and Amillin (they're like ze star GP students in SA for our batch, btw) for all the help and friendliness. Oh, and thanks to Mrs Claudine Tan too, who oversaw this whole event, and went and got pizza, chocolates, grapes, biscuits and all that for our supper last night.

Had I known there was such a thing as Writer's Ink in SA, I would DEFINITELY have joined it. Stupidstupidstupid! How could I be so oblivious and uninitiated?!?!?!?!?! Now it's too darn late. They even have a newsletter published (this year's is the pilot batch for Writer's), and it's really good. It's printed on good quality material, and the whole getup is really professional-looking, and the works in there are really good too. If only I'd joined, then I could see my work published too.

But ohwells. No use crying over smudged mascara.

Anyway, thanks once again to Writer's Ink 2008 :)

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