Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just discovered the beauty of haikus (a poetic artform with 3 lines, 5-7-5 syllables). Brevity is the soul of wit, like they say, and this is so true for haikus. They force you to make every word count, and that's good practice for someone like me, who wastes words like they're mine for the taking. I need to learn to appreciate the value of each word, and what better way to do so than to write haikus, yeah?

Amongst shadowed trees,
Blackened branches claw for light,
Reaching for daybreak.

I came up with this one this morning, when my dad fetched me to school. The road leading to the front gate of SAJC is really beautiful, all winding lonely lanes lined with trees. And you should see it on a rainy morning. SO FRIGGIN DRAMATIC. So Edgar Allan Poe.

Here's another one I penned during Econs lecture. It's kinda unrefined; that's cos of the distraction (in the form of the lecturer)...

Hold my gaze
A little longer,
A pause of heartbeat -
But I watch
Your back retreat.

Obviously, this isn't a haiku. Just some random crap I came up with.

Ripples fluttering,
A gentle storm takes over;
Crisp dew dapples
The waking earth.

I feckin love haikus :)

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