Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New development in Mars that has left me in tears:

It turned out the girl had been raped by her stepfather in the past. That's why she's afraid of her boyfriend, afraid to get physical with him. Her boyfriend suspected she might have been raped and pretended to try to get physical, but she screamed and cried and his worst fears were confirmed.

She ran and hid in one corner of his apartment, sobbing. And he quietly asked her who did it. And then he teared up. His head was bent down and his tears slid down the bridge of his nose. I think I mentioned before how Vic's acting really impressed me. This really blew me away.

I know a lot of people who aren't impressed by Taiwanese dramas, but I think back on all the times I'd scoffed at those dramas and realise how much I've missed out. Think of all the three-dimensional characters I could have come up with, and the plotlines I could have gleaned. Think how much richer that would have made my stories.

Mars is really something, if not mind-blowing.


Gerlynn said...

I think I'll rather watch Mars than Meteor Garden. Mars sounds like it has a plot with more depth.

Joyce C said...

Which part are you at now? Omg I'm so excited you're watching it. It's an AMAZING show. Blog blog blog! :)