Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm working on my New Year's Resolution now. I don't usually put much stock in it, because I end up breaking every one on the list anyway. But this time, I will become a vegetarian.

I know. It's laughable. Me, a vegetarian? I can't go a day without meat. But eating less meat brings about two benefits:

a) Less demand for meat - although this is rather insignificant, because I'm just one person. But if everyone ate less meat, less land needs to be cleared to rear cattle or other animals that provide meat. That means less forested areas need to be cleared. That means more trees and more wildlife!

b) Meat contains lots of carcinogens, which increases one's risk of getting cancer. Enough said.

So, yes. Vegetarian. I'll still eat fish and all that, of course. But no more chicken or pork or mutton or duck (I don't eat beef).

Anyway, I had a desperate desire to go to the Marina South Pier yesterday, so I dragged my butt all the way there. Had to take two buses to get there, one of which made me wait for half an hour. But I was dying for some sea air. Plus, it would be good inspiration for my work-in-progress, Red December Skies. I'm at page 120 now, still as excited about it as when I first started it. That feeling so reminds me of working on When the Lilies Turn Orange.

Just finished rewatching Mars yesterday. Am feeling empty now, because there are no other dramas that can match up to it. It's like reading a really good book, one of the best, and then not being able to find another that can quite match up to it. Ugh. Don't like this feeling. Can anyone recommend any other drama or book that has madness and romance in it? See why my first standalone novel (Lilies) is about madness and romance? There's not enough of such stories, which is why I'm writing them, if only to satisfy my own craving.


J.L said...

Hi Joyce. Yea, i understand the feeling after you finished reading/watching an awesome book/show. Maybe you can try NightWorld by L.J.Smith. I've been hooked on that recently. It's more of a fantasy cum romance novel. Love the vampires in it.

As for dramas, maybe you can try My Defeated Queen or Fated to Love You. They are really good (:

Joyce C said...

Hi J.L! Haven't heard from you for a while. Someone recommended a book called Steppenwolf, by Herman Hesse. Dyou know if it's worth the read? Anyway, I'll keep a lookout for NightWorld :)

What's Fated to Love You about? Heard some people mentioning it.

J.L said...

I've never read Steppenwolf before. Well, Fated to Love You is about this nerdy but very kind and sweet girl who got pregnant by mistake. It's like revolving around this theme: " will a couple be forced to marry for the sake of their unborn child to find love with each other". haha, the way i describe it make it sound boring.

Maybe you can try to watch this trailer for this show and see if it interest you (: