Monday, February 22, 2010

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford posed a couple of questions today: If you had a chance to dine with any author, who would it be? What do you think made Twilight so popular?

I don't know how he can just limit us to just one, because there are several I can list off the top of my head now. Maggie Stiefvater, Deb Caletti, Christie Hodgen and, of course, Sarah Dessen. I didn't list Megan McCafferty even though I love her for creating the Jessica Darling series, because Megan seems smart to the point of intimidating. She graduated from Columbia and her writing reflects it.

You'll notice there are hardly any male authors. I'm not being sexist, really, but I can't really relate to the characters created by male authors. This is not a generalisation, of course, but so far, for me, characters created by female authors are more relatable.

And as for what I think made Twilight so popular, it is probably the age-old idea of a forbidden romance. Because you see, people are more in love with the characters (namely, one of the male characters, or more) than Stephenie Meyer's writing. I'm not critic, but I'll say I've read authors who write better - though Meyer's improved a lot ever since New Moon - than her. But who doesn't love a good love story, after all, especially a forbidden one between two species, one of which is inhumanly (literally) good-looking?

So those are my two cents' worth. Have a great day ahead!

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