Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Author/Editor Erica Orloff (I am dying to read her Magic-Keepers series, but I can't find them anywhere in Singapore!) has some writing tips and experience to share.

1. Write a million words.

2. Write a hundred short stories and master that, but don't be afraid of the novel. There are some writing lessons you just have to learn by writing one, including pacing.

3. Don't think about publishing. Wait until you've done 1 and then 2, THEN worry about it.

4. You are going to waste a few years when you had NO kids and all the time in the world . . . why weren't you writing so much then when you didn't have so many pressures? Kid, partying in Manhattan is fun, but you know . . . write a little more.

5. Despite what I am telling you in #3, learn what you can about the industry.

6. All this crap you're going through and are going to go through? You'll end up using it for your novels.

7. That crappy romance you tried to write and quit on page 81? It was because you never really had your heart into writing it. Only write what you are passionate about.

10. Never, ever, ever feel guilty for indulging this writing bug you have. Someday you really will earn a living at it. Guilt is a wasted emotion.

Thanks, Erica!

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