Friday, October 07, 2011

Supernatural Season 5 kicks butt!

I know I am way late with this review, seeing as how SUPERNATURAL is already in its seventh (seventh!) season and I've only just finished watching Season 5. I like to think I'm pacing myself so I don't finish watching everything so soon. Because that's how amazing SUPERNATURAL is.
I thought I'd take a break from the show for a while, after I was done writing THE DREAMCATCHERS. Because fantasy was all I read and watched while writing it. So once I was done, I was craving stories that were more grounded in reality. Which was why I turned to Asian dramas and Sarah Dessen (yes, I'm rereading WHAT HAPPENED TO GOODBYE, one of the favourites so far). But a few days ago, I decided to return to it, and just watching half of one episode reminded me why I love that show so damn much. I must have said this before, but I'll say it again. Those writers - especially Eric Kripke - are complete geniuses. I think the best stories are those you wish you'd written yourself. And SUPERNATURAL is definitely one that I wish I was creative and original and smart (and neurotic) enough to write myself. Just the storyline itself is enough to blow your mind. And don't even get me started on the characters. I believe they're what make the story.
I think SUPERNATURAL is more character-driven than plot-driven, despite its reliance on, well, supernatural phenomenon. The relationship between the two brothers, Sam and Dean, is what most viewers (and die-hard fans) are really invested in. So even though it's a fantastical narrative, the story is grounded in our most basic instinct: love. My playwriting instructor said that all fantasy stories, no matter how fantastical, have a universal theme (or two) that readers or viewers can all relate to. In the case of SUPERNATURAL, it's family. Sam and Dean are all they've got, ever since their parents were killed by demons.
I heard a lot of the fans were disgruntled by how Season 5 ended. But I didn't feel a smidgen of disappointment. Because for me, SUPERNATURAL was never about the demons and the Apocalypse; it was about the brothers. And Swan Song (the season finale) delivered that beautifully. It tied up enough loose ends and left enough for viewers to want to hold on tight for Season 6. The ending, especially, left me in tears, because (and for those of you who haven't watched it yet, this is a spoiler - although I must be the only one who's watching at this rate) Sam basically sacrificed himself to cage Lucifer and now Dean is left all alone without his little brother. He made a promise to Sam that he wouldn't try to bring him back and that he'd go back to Lisa and start afresh with her and embark on a new, normal life. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
I've watched a fair number of American dramas. But while the rest are all about oh, my best friend slept with my guy, my guy cheated on me and then proceeded to sleep with everyone else in the show, I'm in love with a bad boy (I'm looking at you, GOSSIP GIRL), I have a deep dark secret and I'm in love with you and you're stupid enough to want to be with me, my mom is sleeping with my friend's dad, I'm so bored I'm going to seduce that young hot gardener, yadda yadda yadda, SUPERNATURAL has an actual storyline that isn't filled just to satisfy the ratings. A lot of the shows should've ended with Season 1, but because the ratings were good, they proceeded with Season 2, 3, 4, 5.... Until the show becomes done to death and meaningless. I doubt the writers for SUPERNATURAL will let the show go down that road. It's been 5 seasons, and they're still delivering while being completely true to the show.
So while I'm aware that the writers (and cast - every one of them brings their characters to life and I can't imagine anyone else playing them) of the show won't be able to see this, here's a big thank you from a fan. Thank you for creating such a magnificent, inspiring, original, witty, poignant, first-class show. Even though the show has to end some day, I know you won't let your fans down; every episode will be relevant, amazing and true to the original essence of the story.
I shall stop gushing now. On to Season 6!

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