Monday, February 24, 2014

sun, sea, sky, and other happy things

Busy busy week ahead, not least because I'm aiming to write at least 30 more pages (7,500 words) for Neverland by the end of this month! So here's some photo-dumping* before I'm on my way.

*I kid: I don't dump them, I stick them here very nicely, just like how I used to colour neatly within the lines when I was little.**


Anyway, since our travel plans for this month fell through (Taiwan will be postponed to the end of next month instead) and Dad had the weekend off, we went looking for places that would satisfy our shutter cravings. And where better to snap some pretty pictures than at the beach? 

Hello, blue lovely. Thanks for making the weekend beautiful.

EVERYONE is happier at the beach.

The ground was a little parched due to the dry spell that's beset us since the start of the year. But look, blue skies!

Ah, the sea. I love it so painfully much I might just set my next story here. (Red December Skies doesn't count.)

Saturday's weather was glorious. The sky was blue with a vengeance, but the sea breeze kept the heat from encroaching.

Easties really have the loveliest view. (Easties, by the way, are those who live on the East Coast of the island. They are supremely smug - and understandably so - about the fact that they've got an unobstructed view of the sea, an entire boardwalk of cafes and quirky seaside joints, and near-immediate access to the beach. They are also supposedly more mellow than people living elsewhere on the island.)

After cycling, it was still too lovely to leave, so Dad and I just sat on the beach and talked. But we eventually left when dusk fell, with sand between our toes and sea salt in our hair.

Even the view on the way home was gorgeous. The weather was obviously showing off that day, doing little pirouettes in its tulle dress. Look what I can do! Look how pretty I can be!

You glorious, glorious day.

Sunday turned out to be just as serendipitous, with cool north-easterly winds and more cerulean skies. So after brunch, Dad and I played tourists for the day and went to Gardens by the Bay.

Dad and his giant chocolate ice-cream waffle

Enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts, guys, before the haze sets in!

On a different note, can you believe February is coming to an end already? How did that happen? Feels like I'm still spinning on the remnant excitement over New Year's. Still, it's not too late to make things happen! You still have 10 more months to make 2014 your best year yet! Get cracking and be amazing!***

***That's a lot of exclamation marks. Might need to tone down the chirpiness.

And since it's Monday (again, where did all that time go?!), keep happy with these mood-lifters!

Kos Island, Greece

Paper lanterns

I have a strange, sudden obsession with lamps and lanterns these days. Something to work into a story, perhaps?

Hello, little thing

And hello, pretty thing

I hope you find that magic in your week! ❤


Anonymous said...

It was snowing here today. You have me pining for the summer months and beach vacations.

Whiskoffee Purr said...

Long entry again? :p

Joyce Chua said...

@Bill: Ah, sorry to hear that! Here's hoping warmer weather comes soon for you! :)

@Whiskoffee Purr: I've tried to cut down! It's mostly just pictures, anyway.