Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The 15 stages of book addiction

1. At first, you come across the book with the pretty cover and you're like

2. First chapter in and you're still like

 photo emma-watson-hermione-granger-thinking_zps731cc5d0.gif

3. But halfway through you become like

 photo donghaecoolnod_zps1bbe4c36.gif

4. And then like

 photo donghaesurprised_zps4eaff9b1.gif

5. By the final chapter you're like

 photo babyfuriouslyreading_zpseb7ed87d.gif

Even though you're like this

 photo sleepyduck_zps4b550c8b.gif

6. After you close the book you're like

 photo iloveyou_zpsd7a77ba4.gif


 photo annasophiarobbexcited_zpsc5b25010.gif

7. You rush out to buy the hard copy even though you've already got the e-book.

8. You look for someone to fangirl with over the book, but it's like

9. But then you find a fellow fan at last and it's like

 photo cutebabyanddog_zpse3c816a2.gif

10. Later, you learn that the sequel is out and this becomes you

 photo sheldonineedanswers_zps3c2a3e62.gif

11. But then the sequel won't be out until next year and you're like

 photo donghaewhatwhy_zps3d9af7b6.gif

12. Finally, the sequel is here and you're like

 photo jeremyrennerexcited_zps85194e5c.gif

 photo giveittome_zpsb32e4e36.gif

13. You repeat stages 4 and 5, only this time you're more like this

 photo emmawatsonfangirl_zpsaebd2abb.gif


 photo rapunzelinlove_zpse345427d.gif


 photo loveit_zps37eeed27.gif

14. And now that there's a final installment, you're like

 photo excitedgoat_zps7ca94bb1.gif

 photo donghaelaughingbouncing_zps9362525c.gif

But since it's the end, you're also like

 photo mishadontdothistome_zps27fc875f.gif

15. So you ration your candy, so to speak

 photo arieliwantmore_zpsa6b05ceb.gif

The above chronicle is all thanks to this mindblowing, awe-inspiring, wonderfully crafted epic trilogy:

 photo dosab_zps5fd75b10.gif

(gif from Laini's blog)

Thank you, Laini, for sharing your beautiful writing with the world.

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