Sunday, April 26, 2015

when you hit the 70K mark!

Crazy busy at work this week (yes, I have a day job - it's to feed myself to keep the writing dream alive), on top of writing Neverland.

Met a minor road bump at page 298, but it was nothing a bit of sleep and mulling over the plothole couldn't solve. So now I'm back on track and making my way towards the end ... but also trying not to reach the end at the same time! There's this conflicting desire to finish the novel but also ... not, because that would mean the end of this story and I'm not sure I want to leave Neverland just yet.

But still, I just realised I've hit 70K this morning!

 photo donghae dorky dancing 2_zpsfsvp1xug.gif

 photo eunhae dorky dancing_zpszawnnjdg.gif

 photo sj dorky dancing 11_zpsr6osmvgl.gif

Heading out for brunch now. Have a good Sunday! :0)

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