Tuesday, October 13, 2015

a few loose ends before flying off to sushi-land

One more week to Japan, and I'm scrambling to get as much work done before I leave - which explains my absence from this blog. From year-end projects at work to editing Neverland (yes, again) and planning for the next novel, Before I Remember You, to preparing a script for the Singapore Writers Festival panel (you know, just a brief outline of what I'm planning to say so I don't seem like an utter fool up on stage), I'm swamped!!

In the meantime, here's something that's been keeping me busy at work: ZALORA Community!

After a whole year of planning and writing and executing (back-end is waaaay more complicated than you'd think), after months of soliciting help from service providers and the IT team and coordinating with everyone in all the eight countries ZALORA is present in, after all the frustrating glitches and back-and-forth emails, this baby is finally born and ready to roll!

Not sure if I've explained it before, but Community basically a fashion/beauty/lifestyle/entertainment content site curated by in-house content managers at ZALORA (including me - I oversee all eight countries but I mainly handle the Singapore site). It's called Community because the content comes from a community of writers, in-house and external - bloggers, freelancers, anyone with the passion for trends and the ability to write a grammatically-sound and engaging article.

I'm super excited to grow this site, so if you're keen on contributing, send us your samples (all instructions can be found in the Our Contributors tab) and we'll take it from there!

Meanwhile, Neverland is calling. Will I ever be free of that magical place? Do I even want to be free of it? I want to live there! (And so does my critique partner - hi, Jenna! If I haven't said this already, I love my crit partner.)

Okay, back to the fourth round of edits for Neverland! And hopefully by the time I get back from Japan, I'll be ready to start writing Before I Remember You - just in time for NaNoWriMo!

Have a great evening, everyone! :0)

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