Monday, September 14, 2009

Personal life

Mia's friends include best friend Lilly Moscovitz, Tina Hakim Baba, Shameeka Taylor, Perin and Ling Su Wong. Lilly is seen as an overly critical person, who although probably wants what's best for Mia, is always getting into arguments with her.

Love interests throughout the books have been Josh Richter, Kenny Showalter, Michael Moscovitz (Lilly's brother) and J.P.(John Paul Reynolds Abernathy IV) who was only a friend, until he proclaims his love for Mia.

1. Josh Richter was definitely a mistake. He only wanted publicity for himself.

2. Kenny Showalter was Mia's biology lab partner. Apparently he developed a liking for her while watching her copy his homework. Mia had hoped that her secret admirer was Michael Moscovitz, though it was really Kenny the whole time.

3. J.P., also known as The Guy Who hates it when They Put Corn In The Chilli, was madly in love (or so he says) with Mia. In the tenth book, it turns out, he was just using Mia as publicity for his play.

(And ... drumroll, please.)

4. Michael was Mia's main boyfriend in almost all the books. He is the only guy who actually loves Mia for who she is and not because she is royal. Getting together with him at a formal in the book "Princess in Love", making the mistake of breaking up with him in "Princess on the Brink". Though, in the last book, on prom night, Michael and Mia get back together, have sex and are still currently dating.

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J.L said...

My turn my turn!

1. Owen Armstrong (Just listen- totally love his honesty, how he would always be there for Annabel)

2. Aragorn (LOTR- a total hero, full of courage and loyal to the lady he loves.)

3. Cedric Diggory (HP- i became a fan of this guy ever since i read this awesome fanfiction. Check it out.)

I'm a fan of princess diaries too! haha, i think all girls, when they are in their 11-13 years old stage, must have read at least one of Meg Cabot's books. To me, JP is really sweet. Don't get me wrong. I love Michael too, but he become more of a jerk towards the end to me (not the judith part, but when he kept pressurizing Mia to do it. Maybe i've remembered wrongly. I've read this book earlier this year, so i kinda forgot.)

Have you checked out the movies made for Princess Diaries? The first movie is really nice, but don't watch the second one. The second one is kinda lame to me. haha. Alrights, i got to go now. All the best to you (:

J.L said...

opps. i posted on the wrong blog entry. haha

Joyce C said...

Haha! I wanted to put Aragorn too, but decided I preferred Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, and not exactly the character Aragorn. He's sexy, rugged and faithful (sigh).

Cedric's too stereotypical Golden Boy for me, haha, like Nate (from Gossip Girl). Of course, we all love the Golden Boy, but you know. Michael's different.

Yeah, Michael was quite a dick pressuring Mia to Do It, and when he said he wouldn't wait around, I was so mad at Meg Cabot (not him, never him) for writing him that way! But who cares, JP's too much of a cliched Prince Charming for Mia. Besides, he turned out to be a HUGE DICK. Have you read the last PD book? You totally have to if you haven't! :) I just wish Meg would continue writing them!

I kinda liked the movie. The first one, that is. The guy playing Michael, Robert Schwartzman (or something), was soooo cute! But he's kinda short. Either that, or Anne's just really really tall. The second one was sweet, but I didn't like it because hello, how can they NOT have Michael?! Instead, that Chris Pine became the One for Mia? Come on!

Okay, rant over. Thanks for reading and commenting, as always!