Friday, September 04, 2009

Went for dinner at Aston's with the girls after my lectures today. It's been - to coin a cliched phrase - donkey years since I'd last sat down with them properly for a chat. Seeing them made me realise how much I've missed them, and how terrifyingly easy it had been for them to be out of my life during my JC years.

They haven't changed much - we seemed to pick up where we left off - yet they did. Anna's so pretty now, and Khrisha's wearing (!) nail polish. Yvonne looks the same, apart from - ahem - her hair, and she's full of crap as always. And Stacy's as candid as ever, except slightly more tanned.

We are, however, all jaded with life. I guess it's at this age that you start to feel like life is only such; it doesn't offer you the things you thought it would. But the good thing is, you have friends like these to battle the case of nihilistic woes.

The night was too short.

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