Monday, January 25, 2010

The lull in blogging was a result of the new semester beginning. And I know it's not an excuse - something should still be written no matter how busy it gets - but when I'm not reading Love in the Asylum (by Lisa Carey) and Steppenwolf (by Hermann Hesse), or watching Jerry-related clips on YouTube, I'm reading my Economics textbook.

I hear you gasp in shock. Yes, while I initially planned to take EC1101E as an exposure module (to fulfil the 5-exposure module requirement), I have now decided to minor in Econs. That decision only solidified after the first lecture of EC1101E and I read my textbook. My initial plan was to major in English and minor in New Media, but after one module in NM, I realised NM is really not for me. So many presentations and discussions and project work. I guess I'm more of the academic type rather than the hands-on type. It's just easier to study theories alone than work with a bunch of people and entrust your grades in their hands. So the problem is not the module, but the clash between the nature of the module and my own nature.

And for some reason, studying Econs is a lot more enjoyable now than at A' levels. Maybe because the lecturer's funnier, or there's less pressure now because I'm revising Econs now rather than learning it anew. It's actually sort of interesting, Econs. I remember Microecons was horrible, with all its social benefits and marginal costs and shutdown conditions. That made me dread Econs, but J2 was a whole lot better because we got the Macroecons, which I found more relevant and alive, with trade and comparative advantages and the like.

Anyway. On a completely unrelated note, I'm in my Singapore, Asia and American Power (SSA1203) lecture now, watching a rather violent clip about the Vietnam War. John F Kennedy and Nixon were pretty obsessed with eliminating Communism from Indochina, to the extent that they crippled their own economy. Lots of bombs and blood and running.

But it was a good thing MM Lee was so adamantly against Communism, though. Imagine living in a Communist country. That's like living in the world in The Giver (by Lois Lowry), with everything determined for you. I'm not qualified to say which political model is better, but as a citizen democracy is the best model as far I as I know.

(I realise my writing sounds a little stilted now. That's because I'm trying to concentrate on the clip while blogging, so my glowing personality is unable to shine through.)

Anyway, as aforementioned, I'm currently reading Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse. I know I mentioned before how the book seemed to be just about a misanthrope who destests the bourgeoise society, but it also offered a very detailed character depiction of the Steppenwolf (who isn't the narrator). Hesse is something of a genius, which I guess explains his Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946.

Break now. Thank goodness. Such a grim lecture we're having.

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