Thursday, April 29, 2010

I had the weirdest dream ever. (Well, not the weirdest - I've had weirder - but you know what I mean.)

I dreamt that a few (faceless) friends and I had accidentally killed a girl. And we were figuring out how to dispose of the body when - of all people - Prof. Lazar (from EL3254) appeared and said hi to us, blithely unaware of our misdeed. And strangely enough, we were in Lucky Plaza. The top floor, where there were many little shops selling Filipino snacks and groceries.

And I have only ever been in there once, for my Southeast Asian studies fieldtrip report.

In the dream, I spotted Prof. Lazar before the rest did and cooked up some excuse about having to relief myself. So I ran and hid, but later I decided to visit every shop on the level and strike up some conversation with the shopkeepers so that they'd remember me. They were to be my alibis, you see, in case I ever had to come up with one (or more) in court.

Finally, the dream ended with the few of us dragging the body down a spiral flight of stairs that never brought us to the end.

I should be worried that I can be that scheming even in my dreams.

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