Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look what I found in my dad's Pictures folder!

That's me at some inconceivably young age. I didn't even have teeth. And my dad told me I'd always squeal and laugh when he tossed me onto the bed and I landed in the middle of the pillows.

That's when I was two, I think. My dad said I was in the middle of looking through a photo album when he softly called my name and I looked up. That's when he clicked the shutter.

I can't even remember this. But my dress matched the window display, for some reason.

That's when I was about five, maybe. I was nuts about that pair of shades.

My eighth birthday! That was when my dad bothered buying me a cake. Later, he told me, there was one year when I smeared cake all over the floor. Nobody bought cake for me after that.

Obviously, that was taken during Chinese New Year. I don't wear that at home on normal days.


Andra said...

Oh how cute you were when little!! So sweet!! Your dad must be proud of you!
You seem an interesting girl, nice ideas here, must go through your posts.

Joyce C said...

Hi, Andra! Thanks for stopping by! I enjoy your blog too. Your photos are so beautiful, and your blog posts inspiring.