Friday, February 17, 2012

The best of the noughties! (non-exhaustive list ahead)

Admit it. You were singing along to it, weren't you? Filled with delicious emo catchiness, and it brings back memories of secondary school. I remember I was in secondary 2 when I heard them, and I've loved almost every one of their songs since. Ah, to be fourteen again. So much has happened. This is one of those songs that bring back all those memories for me.

Another one from them that brings it all back is this:

Gotta love AAR. Tyson's gorgeous, and their songs don't take themselves too seriously, but the lyrics are well thought out. The noughties was the era of pop rock! Along with AAR were Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne and Ashlee Simpson, etc. Some people say their music is shallow, but really they just need to get off their high horses (alternatively, they can remove the sticks from their butts - I'm sure they are equally effective) and enjoy the music for what it is. You've got your poison, I've got mine. They're like summer holidays music to me.

Remember this?

Their first album was the best. I remember some of the guys from 2E2 singing this in class and the entire class started singing along. Good times. (Plus, I remember I thought the drummer from Simple Plan was cute. As is Tyson from AAR.)

And who can forget this scene?

The first few seasons of Smallville were so good. After Jensen left the show, though, I stopped watching it (and moved on to Supernatural), partly also because Lana ditched Clark and went off with Lex Luther. Wow. To think I actually remember all this. 2004 really brings back a lot of memories.

Like this:

She used to be good when she first started out. Natural, dedicated. I think Hollywood changed her. Wish she'd go back to making music again.

And here's her ex:

Whatever happened to him?

And from 2003, there's:


2005 brought:

Reminds me of our Geography field trip to Perth. I heard this on the bus and on the local radio station one very chilly morning in the hotel room with Jolene and Michelle.


The very song I wailed along to at the farm we visited. It was raining and biting cold and the bunch of us were holed up in our cabins nursing mugs of tea. And then Kelly came on and there was no stopping me.


And on a more sombre note:

Still, there was her ex, who brought this in 2006:

Back to 2004, there's this:

Reminds me of secondary 3 camp. I was listening to this on the bus that took us away from civilisation.

And then there's good old Gwen:

Next came junior college, which was really characterised by songs like:

We were supposed to introduce ourselves to the class, and this song was playing in the background and we were singing along to this. The guys sang along with Akon!


Guys immediately become sisters when they sing along to Beyonce with you. Guys of A01, you know what I mean.

I think I've mentioned this before, but Steffi played this song on a very slow afternoon as we were all slogging over our Project Work:

Then Justin brought us another hit:

I remember this because that song was used in the first episode of the first season of Gossip Girl, when Serena van der Woodsen entered.

The few of us mugged at the school library to this song (we did little else then but study):

Still, 2004 had the best songs. Pop rock ftw!They're feel-good, not sleazy, and don't take themselves too seriously. Who could hate them?

Remember Ipod used this song for their commercial?

Just a thought: what do they call the 2010's? What's happened to music since the noughties? I'm not a hater, but I just think there can be something better than the likes of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc. Whatever happened to good old pop rock?

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