Monday, May 19, 2014

yes to no-angst Mondays!

Funny how jaded you get the more the year wears on. It's May now and you realise you haven't really done anything to take you a step closer to your goals. All you've got for your efforts is:

A) a pile of rejection letters (even worse, agents who don't reply) for a story you miss writing and wish for people to read (the ache is real, people!),

B) no novel actually completed (I'm looking - glaring - at you, Neverland!),

C) a bunch of short stories you don't know what to do with to get started on your Shiny New Novel, which you haven't even started plotting

D) a completed novel you're unravelling (i.e. rewriting). Hopefully, you'll make it better. Hopefully, it'll be good enough for the literary agent who requested for a revise-and-resubmit. Hopefully, this will be the one that will get you published again.

But that's a big hope you're holding out on. And you don't know if all this time and effort you're putting into this is going to be worth anything at all eventually, or you're just wasting your time and you're actually not good enough to get published and you probably never will and sob sob self-pity I'm a loser I should just quit.

That was the reason for last Monday's post on writing quotes.


Okay, pity party over. Time for some happy!

I'm sorry, but once you get started on Harry Potter memes, there is no end to it.

Speaking of Harry Potter (no, I will never stop talking about it or loving it, so get with the programme or drop out), here's a compilation of all the times Harry was the Queen of Sass.

 photo harrypotterfunny_zps83996ed4.gif

 photo harrypotterrollseyes_zps2b9864c4.gif

One thing led to another (damn you, Buzzfeed!), and I came across this one on Supernatural (otherwise known as The Show That Broke My Heart), as told by someone who's never watched it:

 photo deanwinchesterfunny_zpsd59d6703.gif

 photo mishaassbutt_zpsdaf129d1.gif

Castiel is the only badass who gets away with calling someone an assbutt while holding a Molotov cocktail ... okay, not quite.

Another Supernatural post caught my eye:

 photo jensenandjareddorky_zps7eb5520f.gif

 photo jensenandjareddorkydance_zps825ff9fe.gif

Don't you just love it when good-looking people behave like dorks?

Okay okay, I'm done. Back to writing!

Have a lovely week, everyone! :0)


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