Thursday, December 13, 2007

Had a good workout at the gym ytd. Clocked 4km worth of jogging (2.4km in 14.10mins at 10km/h), brisk-walking (0.8km at 6.5km/h) and running (0.4km at 11km/h). Then did 10 minutes of cycling at 21.5km/h. Fruits for dnr.

Been following a healthy-diet regime. The only time I slipped since Monday, when I first embarked on this regime was yesterday, when I lost control and decided to permit myself a mini kitkat bar before going for gym.

But other than that, I've been eating a crapload of fruits and veg, wholemeal bread, cereal and yoghurt.

Anyway, I read online that a female stops having her period when her body fat is below 10%. The healthy percentage of body fat she should have in her is 15% to 23%. Well, I suppose that means I need some more fats, since I've stopped having my period since before I can remember. Sometime around ......... August or September, perhaps?

Anyway, on a different note, I've decided to go back to working on High Grounds. Just do some last form of editing before I publish it on WritersCafe. Been receiving some positive feedback on When the Lilies Turn Orange, which is truly gratifying, but it's still kind of primitive. Needs some more touchup on some details.

Damn, upon reading High Grounds again, I realised how much I've missed it. It was two days ago, when I heard Believe Me, by Fort Minor. It was a 2005 song, and it kind of brought me back to my sec 3 days. Man, remember those times? When we were all still new to the class and made a hell lotta noise and drove those teachers insane (Ng TC loved us, though :p). And my plot for High Grounds was still in the primary stage, developing. And I spent the year-end hols just working working working on it everyday, 9am to about 6pm, not caring about anything except how to get the story moving and developing the characters to their max....

And, snapping back to reality, only two weeks more to go before school reopens for J2 year.

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