Friday, July 10, 2009

Had a great time with the girls last night. Triv, XH and I watched Transformers at Cine, and rolled our eyes at how the guys panted after Megan Fox, even though we (okay, I) went nuts over Josh Duhamel and Shia Labeouf. Joyce joined us for dinner at this BBQ restaurant afterwards that served pathetic-looking food drenched in olive oil. Just because it's the healthier choice doesn't mean you go crazy with it, people. Anyway, we had loads to talk about, and Triv and Joyce argued over petty technicalities as always (something about how hand sanitisers don't remove dirt even though it kills bacteria... I don't know, something trivial like that), and we laughed like psychos over almost everything we talked about. The night seemed too short. We have to meet up again soon, darlings. Love you guys.

And as for the movie, I'd say three and a half stars. It was good, but not fantastic. Very fluffy, very plot-driven. I have nothing against this type of movies, of course, since chick flicks are just as fluffy and plot-driven. But I thought there was way too many explosions and collisions. Plus, it didn't seem ... real. Like, if those machines (okay, autobots) were so heavy, wouldn't all those roads snap everywhere they go? I mean, there are always sparks and ground-shaking everytime those autobots move. Anyway. I gave it three and a half stars because compared to something like LOTR, which is irrefutably 5-star material, that's all it's worth. I enjoyed Revenge of the Fallen, but it's just like MI3, action and cars and explosions and girls (I did not need to see Megan Fox's ass or cleavage, or her Collagen-injected lips that she kept pouting nonstop throughout the movie). It's a boy movie.

Speaking of LOTR, I've been setting The Breaking of the Fellowship on replay mode the whole day. It's on my playlist (the gray one, right at the bottom of the list), so go watch the movie (if you haven't, my goodness) and then listen to it. It's the sort of music that brings you to tears. And I'm going to watch Fellowship again now. Gotta love the Shire. Later.

Oh, and that skank from Transformers (not Megan, the other one who was hitting on Sam in college, the one with the diesel-tasting freaky tongue) reminded me of this Victoria's Secret model, Doutzen Kroes. She just kinda looks like her, is all.

And I'm not saying I'm crushing on Shia now. He's just cute, you know? The kind that you'd love to be around, because he seems so innocent and not about to hit on you all the time. Plus, he's so funny and unassuming. Man, that guy's a gem! I can see why Megan Fox said he's her 'favourite person in the world'.

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