Monday, August 31, 2009

18 Things I've Learnt in My 18 Years of Life:

1. That sometimes, hard work can only get you so far. The rest is just luck.

2. That every child has a right to be loved.

3. That there will be one person who doesn't like you very much. And that's just how it is. Nothing we say or do can change it, so

4. We can't please everyone, so we just have to please ourselves.

5. That we should live every moment they way it is meant to be lived.

6. That if we don't, we'll look back and wonder why we'd wasted all that time being less than happy.

7. That everyone is built differently. No point desiring what you can never have.

8. That the person(s) you look up to have their own insecurities and flaws.

9. That some people can stay in your life as long as you keep them there.

10. That the nice guys are those whom babies like.

11. That writing and swimming give me the most joy I can ever hope to find.

12. That material possessions and retail therapy don't come close to giving me that much joy and direction in life.

13. That people are not inherently bad or evil; they are just misguided.

14. That we can only experience the good when we experience the bad.

15. That we all try too hard to be like each other so that we don't stand to be different (and therefore weird).

16. That there are all sorts of people in the world. And sometimes, you're just another statistic.

17. That there are other things that define our worth.

18. That girls should have a good cry once in a while, just to cleanse our systems.

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