Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Okay. Tell me if you'd want to read on if you picked up a book with this opening:

When people die, they slip into another world.

When they lose consciousness, however, they reside – or are trapped in, depending on how you choose to look at it – in an in-between state, a limbo zone, sort of an intermediate holding room. In this zone, you can feel the worlds of the living and the dead both pulling at you, demanding a piece of you.

Dreams are just a step away from insanity, just like how the living is just a mere breath away from the kingdom of the dead.

In a way, dreaming is no different from being dead.

In both instances, you are robbed of your soul temporarily. In dreaming, you lose it until you wake up; in dying, you lose it until you move on to where you should go to.

And in both instances, you experience some form of freedom. It is only in death that your soul is set free from your earthly vessel. It is only in dreams that your mind is truly free.

So how would you know if you were dead or dreaming? Who can differentiate between the two?

Would you?? It's my opening for The Dreamcatchers, my third attempt at a fantasy/supernatural novel.


ginny said...

wth?????this is insane. i nvr thought of it from this perspective at all.maybe we slip into another dimension and lead a totally separate life.

Joyce C said...

lol. so is that a good thing or a bad one? it's just fiction lah, some fantasy novel I'm working on. would you pick it up just by reading this opening?