Thursday, August 06, 2009

Je suis tres triste.

I was outbidded in French 1, one of the modules I bidded for. It was the one I was most excited for, and I was outbidded with 180 at the minimum bid point while I bidded only 150. I totally could have bidded 180, dammit. Merde.

I'd already planned everything nicely. We're required to take 7 modules outside of our majors, so I'd planned to take French 1-4 and Creative Writing 1-3. Exactly 7 modules, see? Now I'd have to wait for next semester to take French 1. And take another module outside of my major (undeclared yet) for this semester. Dammit.

Now I have no choice but to bid for something that I never intended to take at all. I successfully bidded for:

1. EL1101E: The Nature of Language, Tues 1000-1200.
2. NM1101E: Communications, New Media and Society, Mon 1200-1400
3. GEK1046: Intro to Cultural Studies, Wed 1000-1200
4. GEM1004: Reason and Persuasion (Intro to Philosophy), Fri 1400-1600

I figured I might as well clear some of the uni requirements (2 Breadth modules, 2 General Education modules, and 1 Singapore Studies module), so I took 2 GEMs.

And since I was 1 module short of the 5 recommended, I just went to bid for Sociology of Popular Culture, Fri 1600-1800, which doesn't have anything to do with what I want to learn, but seems interesting, so I figured at least it was better than Intro to Politics or Intro to European History.

Sigh. Please let me get Sociology of Pop Culture, at the very least, gods of module assignment. Since you've already denied me of French.

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