Saturday, December 28, 2013

random snapshots of the week

View on the way home from work on Friday evening

Flying horses, anyone?

The above was taken at Chinatown, which my dad and I visited on Christmas Day. It was one of those days where everything was agreeable, the weather, the mood. Maybe because it was Christmas and everything felt lovely and peaceful. I woke up to a beautiful morning with skies like this:

Christmas morning

Where the wind was crisp and cool as it settled on your skin, and the blue sky was flecked with gold and pink. It's impossible to be cranky on a day like this.

And it's funny: the better mood you're in, the happier you are, the more smiles you receive. It's like people can sense your good mood and they become happier themselves. What you get in the end is a bunch of Happy Shiny people. And that's a lovely crowd to be among. It's so easy to fold in on ourselves and shut out everything around us, but in the end all we really need to do is:

In this feel-good streak, I went for my facial appointment and subjected myself to the same process of kneading, prodding, poking, squeezing, steaming. But my skin feels renewed now, so I guess all that discomfort was worth it?

The view on the way to Body Contours:

This has just been a post about nothing. Whatever. I'm off to catch up on Nichkhun/Victoria's We Got Married episodes. Have a great weekend, everyone! :0)

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