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vampire diaries season 5 catch-up - OMGOMGOMG and more OMG moments!

Okay, I'm waaaaay behind on this, I know. But I finally caught up with the recent episodes of Vampire Diaries season 5 and


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That is all.


Well, of course that's not all. Have I ever left you hanging on a blog post like that? No, this is just the beginning of a rave. Because damn, that was one good episode!

I'm talking about episode 11. (Hey, I said recent episodes, not the latest - so NO SPOILERS!)

KATHERINE PIERCE. Katherine "oh no she didn't" Pierce.

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Yes, her.

She's one of those annoying villains you just love to hate. That sneaky little bitch is awesome! I LOOOOOVE what the writers did with her character, made us empathise with her (yes, I cried over her murderous, vindictive, manipulative, selfish lying ass) before having her pull a HUGE SHOCKING TWIST that is totally - TOTALLY - characteristic of her.


She's a survivor, and she has always been a teensy bit jealous of Elena (despite how annoyed she is by her - and I do agree because Elena can be incredibly self-righteous and whiny) because of Stefan's love for Elena - OF COURSE SHE WOULD DO WHAT SHE DID!!!


And SURVIVORS DO WHAT THEY HAVE TO IN ORDER TO SURVIVE. There, no spoilers! (Although I'm quite possibly the only person who has only just caught that episode.)

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I LOVE TVD.

5 seasons on and it still has that power over me. Powerful storyline, powerful characters, powerful emotions! The writers never seem to run out of ideas, and each story thread is woven masterfully into the main narrative arc. HOW DO THEY DO IT?!? I've been studying it for years, and I still can't generate ideas like theirs to develop a story as compelling as that.

I know what the naysayers think about TVD. They think it's another Twilight, with a whiny protagonist and hot vampires.

illustration by antlergirl

That is where the similarity ends.

Yes, TVD might involve vampires and a love triangle - which, frankly, is starting to wear on me (still, STELENA IS END-GAME) - but it is NOTHING like Twilight.

TVD has a fantastic plot that keeps you on (sorry for the cliche) the edge of your seat; moments that take you by the shoulders and plant you in the characters' shoes so that their pain is your pain, their joy, their love, their anguish and hate are all yours too; moments that rock you in those very shoes and make you go OMG (as demonstrated amply above).

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Plus, the writers go deep with each character, fleshing out each of their personalities, making you love them and love to hate them, even the seemingly irredeemable ones like Klaus (KLAUS! I'll get to him in a bit). In fact, so fully developed every character is that there's even a spinoff, (although I'm still crazier about TVD than The Originals).

Okay. Klaus. KLAUS! HE'S BACK! THE ORIGINALS ARE BACK! Finally! (And no, I don't care if I'm using too many exclamation marks!)

((Or parentheses, for that matter.))

Tyler WHO?! Oh, you mean the jerk who chose revenge over Caroline, the one who broke her heart?

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 photo Tyler-Caroline-5x05-break-up-tyler-and-caroline-35993013-245-150_zps622b0623.gif

 photo Tyler-Caroline-5x05-break-up-tyler-and-caroline-35993015-245-150_zps82ccd643.gif

I get where Tyler's coming from, but his relationship with Caroline never felt balanced, like Caroline was the one always giving her all and he's just there for the sex.

Klaus, though.

 photo klaroline_zps13ff7620.gif

Klaus curbs his darker intentions for Caroline. I mean, yes he's not the healthiest person to be with, but his love for Caroline is purer than anything he's ever done.

I ship Klaroline as much as I ship Stelena. Although Elena has been deluded for so many seasons, being with Damon, I kind of just want Stefan to be happy without her already. I'm willing to root for Stefarine (that's Stefan and Katherine) if that's what it takes.

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Stefan has been my favourite male character since the beginning. If you recall, I was hooked onto the show since episode 1 of season 1, mostly because of Stefan. His humanity, his gentleness with Elena, who was still grieving over the premature death of her parents, his comforting presence - everything about him spelled solace.

Stelena in 1x01:

It was the final scene in the episode. See why I was hooked?

And here's Stelena in 5x04:

Sigh. Stelena scenes are always so perfect. So pure and sweet.

Damon, on the other hand, is volatile and psychopathic and self-loathing. I'd absolutely hate him if he weren't so funny and hot.

And Delena scenes are just (I run the risk of getting severely flamed here) MEH. They're cute in real life (Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder used to date), but not so much in the show.

Still love Damon's character, though.

Funny how what started out as an excuse to ogle at Ian Somerhalder became a full-blown obsession with a TV show. At least I can justify that with the things about writing I've learned from it!

Any TVD fans out there? Or any TV shows to recommend that's as brilliant as TVD? :0)

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