Friday, May 08, 2009

My dear Yiling wrote a song inspired by Bedful of Moonlight, after reading it all the way from chapter 3 to 11. She said the melody just started flowing. Man, that's real inspiration. But she told me to go back and work out the lyrics. So I did. Please don't laugh if it sounds cheesy! Lol.

The Other Side of Here

Verse 1: These are the tears
That I can no longer catch.
I watch them fall quietly down.
Wipe the film from your eyes,
Because dreams are not made of these.
You want to get to the other side,
You think there's nothing here for you.

Chorus: I know it might mean nothing to you,
But I’ll be here on the porch
With the light on and the mugs set,
Even if it’s the only way through to you,
Even if it’s all I can get.
I’ll see you on the other side of here.

Verse 2: These are the words
That we left between us.
I hear them every night.
You told me once, the loneliest man
Is the one who has lost it all.
You want to get on board that train
That would take you where you were before.

- Chorus –

Bridge: The smallest inch that sits between us
Is a chasm
That I can’t hope to cross.
You’re too far out of reach,
You’re too far out of reach.

- Chorus -

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