Friday, May 15, 2009

Okay, a list of updates. (It's the easiest way I know to get everything out without sounding like a garbled, incoherent moron.)

1. I showed dad the Jensen Ackles 'Eye of the Tiger' clip on YouTube, and he was surprisingly equally amused by it.

2. My poor legs are dead, thanks to standing from 8am to 10pm yesterday at Isetan Private Sales. All I'm saying is, if they don't give me a sitting job next time, I'm not working for their private sales. I was at the main entrance collecting and handing out in-house plastic bags to the customers, and let me tell you, I have never stood so long in my life. It's agony. I had to go hide in the Ladies to rest my poor ankles and heels (the bones hurt!) and the backs of my thighs. And that lovely Yiling was at the HSBC voucher redemption counter, helping customers exchange their payments for vouchers. So SHE gets to sit all day. The injustice of it all. Saw Shiqing, Shixuan, Tham YL, Xinyi and Wan Ting (from SA), and Yenleng. Apart from Wan Ting, the rest were working.

3. I just printed out Lilies and just about went insane from all the mistakes I spotted. It's supposed to be the friggin edited version, which means it should be clear of all typos (and that's not even the worst mistake) and grammatical errors and spelling errors and weird clunky sentences! And the worst thing is, I sent that copy to Michelle Andelman. I just hope she'll be keen on representing me after seeing all those horrifying mistakes. *CRINGE MAJOR*

That's all for now. One more point just slipped from my mind. See, that's why I have to come up with a list, so I can get everything quickly. Not that it worked, apparently.

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