Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh, by the way! YAY for Danny being out from Idol. I mean, I'm sorry, you're a good singer and all, and I'm sorry for the loss of your wife. But Kris rocked big time, with his cool rendition of Heartless by Kanye West. Randy was right. It was even better than Kanye's version. Adam did well, but I'm starting to think he screams too much. Mad World was awesome, and so was Tracks of My Tears - he should slick back his hair like Elvis more (the resemblance is uncanny) and sing those types of songs. Mad World was hauntingly good. But I guess that's not really his style. I don't really dig the punk-rocker look of his, to be honest, but hey, if that's his style, then so be it. But if he keeps on screaming, people might get sick of it and he may not win it after all. I added Mad World to my playlist, so go hear it if you want.

Kris has solid talent. He can play the piano, the guitar and his vocals are strong (compared to Danny's last week; Danny sounded so breathy he was almost asthmatic). And his renditions are risky (like what Kara said) but original. Gotta love Kris Allen. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that he's cute too.

This is just how I had hoped it would end: Kris and Adam, the two strongest contenders.

Allison was pretty good too, but she can't really break out of her comfort zone. Because of her raspy voice, she can probably only sing the edgy Kelly Clarkson (but she might not reach her pitch either) type of songs. That performance between Adam and Allison last week was the bomb. It warmed my heart how they complemented each other on stage, and how they were so encouraging towards each other. Plus, they were both in their element. It probably wouldn't have worked as well if Kris sang with Adam. I'm not saying Kris isn't good (of course I'm not). I'm just saying Kris gives off that Jason Mraz-y, acoustic vibe, which isn't really Adam's style at all. Danny's like another Michael Bolton, and truthfully, I'm sick of the husky voice kinda singing. We already have Taylor Hicks and Nickelback and Hinder and Rod Stewart and, of course, Michael Bolton. We don't really need another Danny Gokey.

So I say, Kris Allen all the way! (Although you have to admit, Adam has a greater stage presence than him.) Yes, Triv, I know you agree. (She can't stand Adam for all his screaming fits, lmao.)

So who're you rooting for?

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